2019-2020 Legend High School Band Staff

Director of Bands/Director of Orchestra
Orlando Otis
Band Office: 303-387-4610

Meet the Director

Regular Staff
Head Color Guard Instructor/Visual Coordinator: Russ Carroll
Visual Design Assistant and Color Guard Instructor: Robbie Billings
Head Percussion Instructor Jake Euler
Low Brass/Head Marching Tech: Erin Nederman

Original Music and Arrangements: Jair Klarfeld
Drill Designer: Peter Weber
2019 Fieldshow Theme: “Singularity”

August-October Fall Marching Staff
Head Color Guard: Russ Carroll
Head Percussion: Jake Euler
Color Guard/Visual: Robbie Billings
Front Ensemble: Grace Gallo
Battery: Kali Ridal
Woodwinds: Jim Stranahan
Low Brass/Head Marching Tech: Erin Nederman
High Brass: Doug Barta
Music/Marching Tech: Rebecca Coffee

Additional Support Staff
Band Booster President: Lynelle Duncan
Band Quarter Master: Kat Anderson
Pit Crew Lead: Ryan Mead
Prop Crew Leads: Todd Baker and Casey Duncan
Bingo Games Managers: Kevin & Kellie Keeling, Marie Farney
Craft Fair Lead: Donna Pace & Amy Todd
Marching Festival Lead: Scott Undercoffler
Jazz Festival Lead: Lynelle Duncan
Website Design/Webmaster: Susan Baggett
Performing Arts Secretary: Lynelle Duncan