Band Booster Board

2019-2020 Legend Band Booster Board Officers

Band Director and Performing Arts Department Chair – Orlando Otis
Band Booster President – Lynelle Duncan
Band Booster Vice President – Patsy Stewart
Band Booster Treasurer – Carol Brown
Band Booster Assistant Treasurer – Kari Ferguson
Band Booster Secretary – Charlie Kirschbaum

2019-2020 Legend Band Booster Key Personnel

Band Booster Fundraising Chair – Janel Neuenschwander
Band Booster Large Events Chair – Anne Butterworth
Band Booster Restaurant Night Coordinator – Jenny Mowery
Band Booster Bingo/Raffle Event Managers – Kevin & Kellie Keeling

2019-2020 Legend High School Contact Information

Legend HS Assistant Principal/Activities Director – Staci Batterson
Legend HS Secretary to Staci Batterson – Jan Graham
Legend HS Performing Arts Assistant – Jen Hasty
Legend HS Volunteer Coordinator – Tamera Krause
Legend HS Building Services, Custodial and Maintenance – Jimmy Hancock