Rekindled “Legends Jazz Festival” – sparks flame…

The “Legends Jazz Festival”…which was held on Thursday and Friday December 3rd and 4th – was a tremendous success and more than 450 MS and HS Jazz students from around the state were able to be a part of Jazz Clinics / Student Jazz Performances / Jazz Improv Workshops and Professional Music Performances. Planning for Next Year’s Jazz Festival are already in the works. The festival will be held next year Thursday and Friday, December 1st and 2nd 2016…

This year’s festival Included Clinicians and and Adjudicators John Gunther(Colorado State University) Chip Crotts(Georgia Tech University), Dana Landry(University of Northern Colorado) and National Recording Artist Nelson Rangell from Denver, Co.

Performances by the Nelson Rangell Band and John Gunther.

Jazz Improv Clinicians included: Ron Miles(Metro State University), Darren Kramer(Darren Kramer Orchestra), and Jim Stranahan (Jim Stranahan Quartet)

Outstanding HS Festival Band – Cheyenne Mtn HS
Outstanding MS Festival Band – Cheyenne Mtn Jr. High
Outstanding HS Soloist – Tristan Barnes (Piano)
Outstanding MS Soloist – Jack Henry Campbell (Guitar)
Outstanding Sax Section – Liberty HS 1
Outstanding Trombone Section – Liberty 1
Outstanding Trumpet Section – Air Academy 1
Outstanding Rhythm Section – Air Academy 1

Legend HS I
Air Academy HS 1 I
Lewis Palmer II
Horizon II
Air Academy HS 2 II
Air Academy HS 3 II
Mesa Ridge HS I
Widefield HS I
Harrison HS III
Englewood HS 1 I
Cheyenne Mt. JH I
Englewood MS III
Liberty HS 1 I
Liberty HS 2 II+
Englewood HS 2 III
Gateway HS II+
Thunder Ridge MS II
Heritage HS I