The making of a high school marching band

We created a video to show at Tuesday’s LHS Titan Elem/MS Marching Band Day. The video combines video and pictures from the Colorado State Fair Parade and performance at half time last weekend. Sit back and enjoy!

Lights! Camera! Action!

Thanks to Mr. Holeman at H-D Productions LLP ( – we have video of our first ever performance on the Parker Stadium field! Mr. Holeman video tapes the football games for the LHS football players and was kind to set us up with video from our most recent performance’s. Thanks Mr. Holeman!!

Watch as our own Legend Titan Band takes the field and gives the audience an outstanding performance for the 1st time… in the cold and rain! Way to go Titan Band!!

Legend Band Uniform

Since it is not likely that our New Band Uniforms will arrive before the State Fair Parade this weekend. I have purchased Black Kacky style pants, which your students will wear for the parade.  NO additional cost to you for the pants, but I wanted you to be aware of the plan.  Saturday’s parade uniform will consist of the 1) pants mentioned above 2) their black band shoes 3) their blue show Band Shirt 4)black socks and dark colored belt which you must provide!  Thank you for your support parents!

View the Legend Titan Band Uniform – they should be in soon!

Legend HS Band Uniform

Take Private Lessons!

There is no substitute for individualized music instruction on your instrument! Private Lessons are available from many Parker and Denver metro area musicians! Contact information is located on the board in the band room – or ask Mr. Otis for recommendations!

Colorado Honor Band Association

The Colorado Honor Band Association is the oldest and most established student band organization in the Rocky Mtn Region. It has been in existence for almost 60 years non-stop and has serviced literally 1000’s (thousands) of young aspiring student musicians during that time. The organization runs 5 different performance ensembles and weekly group lessons (currently more than 400 students) to meet the needs of every music level from basic beginning to very advanced. Students from Colorado Springs to Boulder and every place between are involved in this amazing group. The groups practice once a week on Monday evenings and has 2 concerts per year. They are currently taking applications for audition placements. For more information on membership contact Mr. Otis. You may also contact Susie Smith at 303-778-6693 or visit the web site


These are some video’s of our Holiday Legend High School Band Concert –