Legend Titan Band Advertising Opportunities

Reach more than 4000 potential customers multiple times with Legend Titan Band Advertising Opportunities!!

Becoming world class musicians and fielding world class marching, concert and Jazz band programs through our school wouldn’t be possible without the support of businesses and community organizations. In the past, the Legend Titan Band program has appreciated the generous support provided by the many donors and sponsors for our various events. This year we are making a concerted effort to reach out to the business community and present you with advertising opportunities that offer you marketing exposure.

All of the advertising opportunities are designed to provide exposure to your company within the affluent band family including players, parents, extended family and the larger Legend school body. Some of the options have visibility around the state while others are typically localized to the greater Parker area. Our program is geared to meet your marketing objectives. You determine which of our advertising options reach your target market, decide how often you want them to see your message, and then select the opportunities that fit within your budget.

Advertising is easy!

Please contact one of our Booster Board Members for more information:
President – Robert Moroni – robbarbm@myedl.com
Vice President – Suzette Farrar – LHSBBVP@gmail.com
Ways & Means – Robert Morgan – rdcmorgan2@gmail.com
Secretary – Liz Volz – lizvolz@comcast.net
Treasurer – Allison Shride – allison@myedl.com
Fundraising Chair – Sharon Smith – LHSBBFC@gmail.com

Thanks for your interest in the Legend Band Program Advertising Opportunities!