Legend Band Students perform well at Solo&Ensemble Festival…

Congratulations to all of the Legend and Cimarron Band Students who recently performed in the 2015 District Solo & Ensemble Festival…We are proud of you!

Superior Rating
M. Jones/C Jones Tuba Duet I
M. Kate O’Keefe / J. Pollart Horn Duet I
T. Hourigan/ F. Dino Horn Duet I
A. Davidson Trumpet Solo I
E. Novak Flute Solo I
P. Johnson/M. O’Keefe Flute/Horn Duet I
K. St.Gemme-Pate Clarinet Solo I
P. de la Rosa Clarinet Solo I
A. Duncan Alto Sax Solo I
R. Barta Oboe Solo I
WW Ensemble I

Excellent Rating
R. Houston/N. Page/K.Steinhauser Brass Ensemble II
J. Blahovec Baritone Solo II
M. Jones Trumpet Solo II
JP Pankoff Tuba Solo II
M/E. St. Gemme-Pate Flute Solo II
A. Pankoff Flute Solo II
K. St.Gemme-Pate/A. Davidson Clar/Flute Duet II

Superior Rating
E. Keeling/F. Dino Horn Duet I
E. Keeling Horn Solo I
H. Duncan Trumpet Solo I