Legend Band Parents give Mr Otis an early Holiday present. Stay warm Mr “O”!!!

The band parents noticed at competitions and festivals that many band directors were wearing a warm, waterproof jacket with their name/band name embroidered on the front. We thought our AMAZING band director, who selflessly devotes many hours of blood, sweat and tears (not too many tears, we hope!) to our wonderful and talented children, to have one of these nice, warm jackets!

With the help of Mrs. Kimbrel who volunteered to do the embroidering, and Mr. Moroni who shopped and found a suitable jacket to purchase… and since our season was finishing before we knew it, the band parents wanted to see Mr. Otis wearing it THIS SEASON before many of our kids — Seniors, were finished with marching band. (Sniffle, sniffle!!) The jacket was presented to Mr. Otis before the Legend Marching Festival/Legacy Marching invitational.

Thank you Mr. Otis!!