How Can I Get Involved?

PARENTS: I have had several of you ask “How can I get involved”? The answer is quite simple, just do something / anything… Everyone brings different strengths and abilities to the organization. A great way to start is just by coming to a booster meeting. Come meet the parents of kids your kids are friends with. Who knows? They may be just like you and you might even make some new friends. The meetings usually last for 90 minutes once a month. See you at the next meeting!

PARENTS: The following are ways to get involved-
1/Come to a meeting(s) 2/Double Angel 3/Garage Sale 4/Run for a band Officer position 5/Help w/the MANY jobs during summer band camp and the fall season 6/Pit Crew 7/Driving the Truck 8/Marching Festival 9/Craft Fair 10/Jazz Festival 11/Spring Concert Hospitality 12/Silent Auction 13/Golf Tournament 14/Band banquet 15/Web site management 16/Fundraising 17/Quartermaster assistance or maybe you have a unique business, service or contact that can help the band. As you can see – THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO GET INVOLVED! To get involved – Contact Rob Moroni Booster President or Suzette Farrar Booster Vice President.

Thanks Mr. Otis