Osgood Team Real Estate

The Osgood Family
Use the Osgood Team Real Estate to buy or sell your home and they will donate $500 to the Legend Band Boosters for every transaction! Offer is valid for friends and family of the band too. Must mention offer on initial conversation. Bob and Leanne Osgood provide guidance to smart real estate decisions in the South Metro area. To learn more about them visit or call 303.810.5757.

Legend Titan Band Advertising Opportunities

Reach more than 4000 potential customers multiple times with Legend Titan Band Advertising Opportunities!!

Becoming world class musicians and fielding world class marching, concert and Jazz band programs through our school wouldn’t be possible without the support of businesses and community organizations. In the past, the Legend Titan Band program has appreciated the generous support provided by the many donors and sponsors for our various events. This year we are making a concerted effort to reach out to the business community and present you with advertising opportunities that offer you marketing exposure.

All of the advertising opportunities are designed to provide exposure to your company within the affluent band family including players, parents, extended family and the larger Legend school body. Some of the options have visibility around the state while others are typically localized to the greater Parker area. Our program is geared to meet your marketing objectives. You determine which of our advertising options reach your target market, decide how often you want them to see your message, and then select the opportunities that fit within your budget.

Advertising is easy!

Please contact one of our Booster Board Members for more information:
President – Robert Moroni –
Vice President – Suzette Farrar –
Ways & Means – Robert Morgan –
Secretary – Liz Volz –
Treasurer – Allison Shride –
Fundraising Chair – Sharon Smith –

Thanks for your interest in the Legend Band Program Advertising Opportunities!

King Soopers Cards

King Soopers Cards – have you purchased yours yet? Contact Allison Shride at The cards are $10 each and come with $10 already ‘loaded’. You can add more money to the card – whenever you use the card 5% of your purchase is sent to to the Boosters. From there, 50% is given to your student’s account and the other 50% is given to the Boosters. You can also use this card to pay for gas at the King Soopers off Stroh Road. So buy yours today – this is a NO BRAINER!!

How Can I Get Involved?

PARENTS: I have had several of you ask “How can I get involved”? The answer is quite simple, just do something / anything… Everyone brings different strengths and abilities to the organization. A great way to start is just by coming to a booster meeting. Come meet the parents of kids your kids are friends with. Who knows? They may be just like you and you might even make some new friends. The meetings usually last for 90 minutes once a month. See you at the next meeting!

PARENTS: The following are ways to get involved-
1/Come to a meeting(s) 2/Double Angel 3/Garage Sale 4/Run for a band Officer position 5/Help w/the MANY jobs during summer band camp and the fall season 6/Pit Crew 7/Driving the Truck 8/Marching Festival 9/Craft Fair 10/Jazz Festival 11/Spring Concert Hospitality 12/Silent Auction 13/Golf Tournament 14/Band banquet 15/Web site management 16/Fundraising 17/Quartermaster assistance or maybe you have a unique business, service or contact that can help the band. As you can see – THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO GET INVOLVED! To get involved – Contact Rob Moroni Booster President or Suzette Farrar Booster Vice President.

Thanks Mr. Otis