Band Boosters

2/22 Marching Band to perform for 2,000 Bankers and Investors

On Tuesday, Feb 22 (2/22) the Legend Titan Marching Band will perform at the International Conference of Bankers and Investors at the Wells Fargo Theater – located at the Colorado Convention Center… The Legend Band was selected to perform from a very short list of Colorado Bands. The band will do a short celebratory performance on stage for about 2,000 people – at the conclusion of Governor John Hickenloopers closing remarks to open the conference. Although, this is very short notice for us, we were honored that we were mentioned at the top of that very short list. The Band Boosters are already helping put things into action. The itenerary for the day is as follows: If you can help with serving food or uniforms or loading that day. We could use the help!!!!!!
Tuesday… Feb. 22nd
*MS and HS Marching Band Students Attend school as they normally would(but rememeber to bring marching shoes, black socks and band show shirt) CG wears Black outfits as discussed at rehearsal…
*All students report to band room at 3:15 for announcements and short rehearsal
*Rehehearse from 3:30 – 3:50pm
*3:50-4 pack and load instruments
*4 – 4:15 Eat dinner provided by Band Boosters
*4:20-4:35 Change into uniforms
*4:45 load buses and depart for performance
*perform at 6:30pmish
*load buses for departure back to Legend 7pm ish
*arrive back to Legend at 7:30pmish (depends on traffic)

Parents this is a closed private event/conference so there are no viewing opportunities. The bands total performance time will be about 10 minutes. ALL Members of the Fall 2010 Legend Marching Band are expected to participate in the this amazing opportunity for the band to represent Legend and the School District.

How Can I Get Involved?

PARENTS: I have had several of you ask “How can I get involved”? The answer is quite simple, just do something / anything… Everyone brings different strengths and abilities to the organization. A great way to start is just by coming to a booster meeting. Come meet the parents of kids your kids are friends with. Who knows? They may be just like you and you might even make some new friends. The meetings usually last for 90 minutes once a month. See you at the next meeting!

PARENTS: The following are ways to get involved-
1/Come to a meeting(s) 2/Double Angel 3/Garage Sale 4/Run for a band Officer position 5/Help w/the MANY jobs during summer band camp and the fall season 6/Pit Crew 7/Driving the Truck 8/Marching Festival 9/Craft Fair 10/Jazz Festival 11/Spring Concert Hospitality 12/Silent Auction 13/Golf Tournament 14/Band banquet 15/Web site management 16/Fundraising 17/Quartermaster assistance or maybe you have a unique business, service or contact that can help the band. As you can see – THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO GET INVOLVED! To get involved – Contact Rob Moroni Booster President or Suzette Farrar Booster Vice President.

Thanks Mr. Otis

Legend Band finishes 6th in 3A

Congratulations to the 2009 LHS Marching Band. On Monday, Oct. 26th the Band competed in its 1st CBA State Marching Championship
in Pueblo, Colorado. The band finished 6th in the 3A class. The band started the day in 7th place and after pre-lims had moved up to 5th place and by the end of the day at the evening finals under the lights of the Thunderbowl Stadium they finished 6th!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!

Our students competed in their 1st year of marching at the very highest level. Their hard work, perserverance and dedication to excellence of the activity paid off.

There were many highlights throughout the day, but a student favorite was the FULL BAND RETREAT that we were a part of. All of the finalist bands were paraded back on to the field for the final awards… what a site to see our 70 kids standing in perfect attention and parade rest during this memorable ceremony.

Congratulations to the 2009 Legend Titan Marching Band! We are all VERY PROUD of you!

Our season started in July when it seemed like no one knew what was going on including the difference between left and right face, but we soon got that figured out. After summer band camp, learning music, breaking down drill, a parade, an overnight trip, 4 football games, homecoming week, a marching festival, the CBA contests and Tuesday/Thursday rehearsals, it all started to make sense. “It Was A Journey” !!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to everyone for travelling with us…. The Legend has begun…..

Thanks to the students, the boosters(who all went the extra mile), the parents -You know who you are and THANK YOU! Rob, Linda, Tohbias, Alex, David, , Erin, Rachel, Ryan, Tucker, Erik, Angelo, Heather, Charlie, Russ and Katie -you also made a difference! And finally, thanks to our principals – Corey Wise (Legend) and Karen Tarbell (Cimarron) we appreciate your support!