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6th Annual Legend Marching Festival

Welcome to the 6th Annual Legend Marching Festival!
Featuring 1A, 2A, 3A and Open Class Event sanctioned by Colorado Bandmasters Association
Preliminaries and Finals competition to include the Top 1A, 2A, 3A & Open Class Bands guaranteed a spot in the finals
Open Class = Any 4A or 5A band that did not make the CBA semi-finals in 2014

Festival Philosophy:
To provide a positive environment and competitive opportunity for 1A, 2A, 3A and 4A / 5A bands that meet the open class designation for this CBA Modified format.
2014 Legend Marching Festival Application – online form

Download Festival document for more details: Legend-HS-Festival_Packet_2014

Gator Bowl Parade Awards Announced…

Mega Congratulations to the Legend Titan Marching Band!

The LHS Band received the Overall 1st Place award in the 1A class of the 2014 Gator Bowl Parade competition – held in Jacksonville, Florida. The Band won Best Drum Major / 1st Place Music / 1st Place Marching / 1st Place General Effect

Continental League Honor Band/Orch Results…

Congratulations to the following students for making the 2013/14 Continental League Honor Band or Orchestra!!!! The Concert will be held at the DCPA Boetcher Concert Hall on Monday, January 13 2014 at 7pm!!

We are very proud of you!


1st Chair Kate Murphy
Yesenia Follingstad

Josh Staples

Bass Clarinet
Colton Ricks

Alto Sax
Andrew Duncan

Erin Krage

Ian Baker

Carter Vaughan

1st Chair Aaron Murphy
Taylor Hourigan
Hallie Kimbrel

Gregor Peterson
Spencer Jernod


1st Chair Andy Bradfield

1st Chair Kaelen Guthrie

1st Chair Liz Escabedo

Daniel Thompson

Meghann Tannsley

Congratulations 2013 Legend HS Marching Band!…..

Congratulations to the 2013 Legend HS Marching Band!….. The 115 member Titan marching band —- placed 4th in the CBA (Colorado Bandmasters Association) State Marching Championships in the 5A class! The championships were held on Saturday, October 26th in Ft. Collins, Colorado at Colorado State University. The band scored a 76.55… full final recap can be found at:

The 2013 Legend Marching Band is led on the field by Drum Majors: Trevor Kimbrel and Lewis Farrar / Squad Captains: Allyson Berry, Kyle Videtsky, Matthew Barnum and Kaelen Guthrie / Percussion Captain: Carter Vaughn / Pit Captain: Amy Conrad and Color Guard Captains: Abby Laughlin and Rachel Hermann

Ode to the Band

Ode to the Band

by Becky Hall for the 2013 Band Seniors

A few years ago you started your journey,

at this very fine institution, our Legend of learning

You chose band, concert, symphonic, or jazz

Some said to yourselves, “I’ll try marching band”.

“They look like they must really be having some fun”

They march and they chant, “crispy bacon, yum, yum, yum, yum”

You marched and you played your flags held high

So often to be quickly followed by a sigh

as a voice from on high rained down from the sky,


And you knew that your water break wasn’t coming just yet.

But you never gave up, you never gave in

you practiced again and again and again

Through freezing wind and scorching sun

You started to think, “this is really not so much fun!”

You challenged each other to be the best you could be

and in the process became a band that everyone wanted to see

Your notes became scales, became riffs and runs

Your music now etude and prelude, symphony and fugue

Crowds gathered together to hear you play

from stadiums and band-shells to city streets near and far

from the school you call home to tropical islands afar

When you entered the stage, the audience whispered,

“This is Legend, they’re good, let’s watch, and listen.”

As it all came together we watched you in awe

to see you so proud, so strong and so tall

We saw you had changed from the children we knew

to young adults that would soon be off to lives and places all new

And although you may think that the end is here

with just a few notes to go, your crescendo is near

think of all you know now that you didn’t know then

before you became part of the Legend Titan Band

Mr. Otis’s coaching will help you succeed,

you’ll have the strength whenever you need!

They say that music stays in your head and triggers old memories you thought had long fled

replaced by life’s more current events instead

So some day in the distance, in some other place and time

When these memories have all but ceased to be

You may hear a piece of music or a count 1! 2! 3!

And you will stand a bit taller and feel a bit prouder

You will replay the command and know the reply,


Legend Marching Band Has Great Season……..

finishing 5th in the 2011 5A CBA State Marching Finals… In only it’s 3rd year of Marching Band the Titan band becomes the 1st and only CBA band to make finals in each of it’s 1st 3 years of existence in successive classes (in 2009-3A 2010- 4A and 2011-5A.) Congratulations Titans and Congratulations to Legend’s 1st Graduating Seniors. Thanks for the “Sacrifice” !


You can view the final recap sheets online at the following Link!

Legend Selected to March in 9 News PARADE OF LIGHTS!

Great News… The Legend Marching Band has been selected to participate in This Year’s 2011 9 News Parade of Lights. Each year from many applications 7 bands and the previous Year’s Parade winner are invited to perform in front of thousands in the Live Broadcasted Downtown Denver Parade hosted by 9 News. The parade will be Fri/Sat. December 2nd and 3rd.

MEGA Congratulations to the Legend Marching Band Students!