Stoneside Blinds and Shades

Donve Keegan
Please download the Legend Titan Marching Band Fund Raising Coupon and send to all your friends and family across the United States. Ask them to please forward this on to their friends and family too. By doing this you will be helping to raise funds for the Band – all we ask you to do is forward on this coupon, copy and paste it on your Facebook page, make a copy and post it up at work, tell everyone you know about Stoneside Blinds and Shades. Stoneside is a Colorado manufacturer of Residential and Commercial blinds and shades. By purchasing from Stoneside everyone will be supporting the Legend Marching Band and supporting a US based manufacturer.

Everyone who buys blinds or shades from Stoneside with this coupon will automatically get 25% off their first order and the Marching Band will earn 5% of the total order in cash.

It’s easy! Please send this to EVERYONE and ask them to send it on to EVERYONE they know. Click, forward, send and earn $ for the Band